Trevor Stubbs
United Kingdom

Bio: Born 1948 in Northampton, England. After a 1950s childhood, which I remember as grey streaked with vivid orange when I was bullied (mostly by teachers), I had a whale of a time in the swinging sixties. Since then, the world has been decked with all the colours of the rainbow, as I worked (I was ordained an Anglican clergyman in 1974) and studied around the world - London, Papua New Guinea, Canterbury, Leeds, Queensland, Dorset, South Sudan, and now Keynsham, Bristol (made famous in my youth by Radio Luxembourg). Married in 1974, I have three grown up children and two grandchildren. Technically retired, my time is divided between the family, youth work, preaching, consultancy and writing. Author The "White Gates Adventure Series" :- Book 1: "The Kicking Tree" - pub. 28/6/2014; Book 2: "Ultimate Justice" - pub. 28/3/2015; Book 3: "Winds and Wonders" - pub. 28/8/2016 Book 4: "The Spark" - 28/11/2018. "WYSIWYG Christianity: Youth People and Faith in the Twenty-First Century" pub. 2005 "Essays and Dissertations" available online. "A Hundred Shades of Green - God's Gardens: Bible studies for Non-Religious People" - in preparation. International Consultant for Bishop Gwynne College, Juba, South Sudan -

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