Ultimate Justice – bombs, children and love …

Want to be free, free of the constraints that family life and social expectations impose upon you … free to think, to dream, to expand your horizons – even beyond those you can imagine? Have you ever fancied exploring strange and unfamiliar worlds, meeting and getting to know new exciting beings? These people may be different, yet they still face the same challenging universe with all its violence and apparent injustices. When you see what bombs can do to children would you blow up an arms factory? Would you go after someone who had robed an old person, or risk your life to save a child? What sort of story would you tell a group of street children? Could you be the one to bring hope and justice into a dark universe where people had given up on ever enjoying the light, ever being free?

In Ultimate Justice, the second in the White Gates Adventure series, rejoin Jack and Jalli, Momori and Matilda from The Kicking Tree. Meet their children growing up on Planet Joh, as they once again travel the universe to new worlds through the white gates the Creator provides for them. Each new adventure is a new task to bring some kind of hope to people they have never met – as well as some they already have.

Perhaps you take after Jalli, now a mother of teenage children, or Kakko her impatient daughter who cannot stand around and wait for someone else to do something. May be you take after Shaun keen to get into the first team, or studious Bandi who, at the age of fourteen, meets Plato and the philosophers for the first time. Some will identify with the older generation, while others know what it is to be disabled like Jack. Young or old, quick or thoughtful, adventurous or down-to-earth, each has his or her own role to play in the Creator’s universe.

In Ultimate Justice there is adventure, action, relationship, and exploration – outwards to the stars, but also inwards to what makes us who we really are and can become.

Ultimate Justice is with the publishers

I am delighted to report that the final manuscript of Ultimate Justice is now with the publishers, Matador. It is going through the necessary processes of editing. A cover for the book is in the process of being designed. Booksellers have been notified. The provisional publication date is 28th March 2015. So readers of The Kicking Tree can now look forward to more white gate adventures with their beloved characters – Jack, Jalli, Matilda and Momori – and lots more new ones.